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Features of the Project

Your dreams made real
Fulfil your dreams.Any way you want….
Akash Vihar Flexi-Homes offers you a unique, first-of-its-kind way in which to fulfil your dreams of owning property of your own. Not only do we offer you property rates that are unmatched anywhere else in the city, we also offer you extendable housing plans to match your current and future needs.In us, you have a partner to help you build your dreams.Flexible home plans.Just for you
Whatever your current need, Akash Vihar Flexi-Homes ensures that it does not affect your future dreams. We offer you a unique way in which to build your future plans on the present.Every plot of land purchased with us comes with a single-bedroom house. This modest house is built according to a special flexible plan that allows you to extend it if you wish. This means that this house can be turned into a two-bedroom simplex (single-storey house), or even a four-bedroom duplex (two-storey house) any time in the future. And because this modest house is built to such an extendable plan, there will be no need to demolish it and build from scratch – saving you a significant amount of money.Our flexi-home plan lets you build your future on the base of today.The best value for your money. Anywhere in the city.
Located in Mansanpally, Shamshabad, this project takes advantage of the currently depressed rates of land in the area to give you an extremely economical route to investing in real estate. Soon, however, real estate rates in Shamshabad and its surroundings are set to skyrocket.With Akash Vihar Flexi-Homes, you are assured of high rate of return on your investment. Appreciation of real estate is assured, due to both rapid expansion of the nearby international airport, and the development undertaken by many companies in the area. In a few years’ time,Shamshabad and its surroundings will be almost completely developed, giving your property high market value. And we will even pay you a rent of Rs. 2,000 per month for the first two years while your property appreciates!Akash Vihar Flexi-Homes will, therefore, give you the best possible value for your investment anywhere in Hyderabad.Giving you the all-round advantage
The income tax advantage
Because every plot of ours comes with a house, we give you the power to choose between a home loan and a plot loan to finance your purchase. If you pay a high rate of income tax, a home loan would allow you to save tax based on the interest on the loan amount. However, if you pay a low rate of tax, a plot loan would be more appropriate.Akash Vihar Flexi-Homes gives you the power of choice.
The location advantage
The Hyderabad International Airport is a stone’s throw away from our project, and is perhaps the largest employer in the area. The aviation hub that centers on the international airport is set for explosive growth, with the airport itself readying to eventually serve over 40 million passengers every year. This accelerating growth in the aviation sector will lead to many more aviation employees seeking to live near their place of work, driving up rates and increasing the value of your property manifold.
Further, real estate values are closely tied to housing and infrastructure. Because our plots come with ready houses, Akash Vihar Flexi-Homes is sowing the seeds of increased real estate value: the more the houses, the higher the overall values. And while values rise, we will pay you Rs. 2,000 in rent every month for the first two years.
With Akash Vihar Flexi-Houses, you just can’t lose!How to get your new Akash Vihar Flexi-Home
Step 1: Choose the housing option that best suits your needs from the plans mentioned in this brochure.
Step 2: Contact one of the Akash Vihar Flexi-Homes representatives below to discuss the details
- MV Ramana Naidu (+91 99594 44383)
Step 3: Furnish all the documentation required to initiate your purchase, and sign the rent agreement for the single-bedroom house.
Step 4: We build the single-bedroom house – as per the plan given in this brochure – on the plot of land of your choice.
Step 5: We pay you Rs. 2,000 as rent for the next 24 months.
Step 6: (optional): After this period of 24 months, we extend your single-bedroom house to a simplex or duplex as per the plans mentioned in this brochure. We are also open to extending the house based on customized plans. However, this may involve an extra charge.
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Location Map

Layout Map


STRUCTURE : R.C.C framed structure.
SUPER STRUCTURE : Standard bricks in C.M.
Main door : Teak wood frame with elegantly designed teak panel shutter.
Other doors : Teak wood frame with flush shutter.
Windows : Aluminum windows with MS safety grills.
Internal : Smooth finish.
External : Double coat sponge finish.
FLOORING : Vitrified tiles.
KITCHEN : Granite platform and steel sink tiles with 2’ height Dado with glazed tiles.
TOILETS : Concealed pipes with quality sanitary fitting and glazed tiles dado Up to lintel Level.
Internal : Plastic emulsion for smooth finish, OBD paint for sponge finish.
External : Snowcem paint.
ELECTRICAL : Concealed copper wiring with multistrand cable and standard, Modular switches.
TELEPHONE&TV : Concealed cabling for telephone and cable TV connection Points in hall and bedroom.
WATER SUPPLY : Drinking water connection shell be provided to overhead tanks.
PLUMBING : Concealed piping with chromium plated fitting.
HARDWARE : Tower bolts, aldrops etc; in brass for main door & powder coated Aluminum for other doors.

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